Giving to the God Who Has Everything


How do you give something to the one who owns it all?

First of all, we need to acknowledge that he owns everything.

Second, we need to praise him for blessing us.

Third, we need to be givers.

Then, we’re faced with the ultimate question: what could I possibly give him? He’s the God who has everything. He’s the God who made it all. What could God possibly want from me?

The answer: Me.

Many times, giving money is the easiest thing to do. Write a check. Pull out some cash. Swipe the credit card. And we’re done. We go back to our normal routines.

In a sense, this is giving me. But only a part of me, a convenient part of me.

Can I be more sacrificial?

Can I develop a heart attitude of true generosity?

What about giving of my time and talent?

Do we value relationships over personal financial success?

Do I know how to share with those who are in need? Can I support those who are helping them?

My wife and I financially contribute to ministries. We also contribute our time and talent to those in need by ministering principles of stewardship and financial freedom to groups and individuals. By the way, our time and our talents are both gifts from the God who owns everything.

Our greatest accomplishment isn’t how much money we give. It’s when we see someone we’ve worked with walk in the fullness of the financial freedom God wants for them; to see them out of debt and working to maintain their financial freedom.

I began this post with a question: How can I give something to the one who owns it all?

Ponder this question: Are my attitudes and lifestyle in alignment with God’s desires for my life?


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