Happy Thanksgiving


I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgiving!!

2020 has been a most challenging year from the pandemic to riots to the elections. It’s been a year that could easily discourage and even defeat us. It’s also been a year of breakthrough and victory for many people.

I approach Thanksgiving in this tumultuous year with an attitude of thanks to our Father in heaven. Despite all of the enemy’s attacks to tear us down, I rest and trust that our God is still in control. His purpose still moves forward. His plan for each of us and for our nation is still in effect and active.

In this most challenging year, I encourage all of us to give thanks for his blessings, small and large. He still cares for us and loves us and wants what is best for us. We can still approach him with boldness because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Make some time this season to focus on the blessings we have received. If possible, do it with family and friends. Name specific blessings and acknowledge they came from him.

And remember, God is the source of all the goodness in our lives. He is also the only one we can turn to guide us through the tough times.

I pray his abundant blessings pour over each of you. In Jesus name, amen.


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