Life’s Inconveniences


Life does have a way of throwing inconveniences at us. Some call them Fate. Others call them acts of God (insurance companies seem to like this one—like it’s their get out of jail free card). Some people see them as attempts by the devil to throw us off track. Still others see them as part of God’s plan to strengthen us.

Whatever your view, these inconveniences are at least annoying.

Sometimes, they’re minor little things, like traffic jams that cause us to be late for a meeting or dinner. Sometimes, they’re major things that bring your daily life to a screeching halt.

Things like having your heart stop three times in twenty minutes.

Was this an act of God or an attack from Satan? I doubt God wanted to kill me and it seems like an extreme way to get my attention. But what preceded it wasn’t so extreme.

It was a minor thing. A scratch that would not completely stop bleeding which prompted a visit to the ER. The doctor treated the issue and was prepared to release me. Then he was prompted to take a look at my EKG and the inconvenience immediately progressed to a major threat. A complete heart block that could trigger a stoppage.

A minor scratch led to the revelation of a life threatening problem which led to an immediate admission

and installation of a pacemaker.

Did God give me the heart block? I doubt it. But he had to get my attention. I believe the minor scratch was his way of whacking me up the side of the head with a two-by-four. He had to get me to stop what I was doing and get to the ER. And he used my beautiful wife to reinforce the message.

An inconvenience became his way of saving my life.

How have life’s inconveniences led you to deeper understanding of yourself and God?

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