When Things Don’t Go My Way

RejectedWhat happens when things don’t go the way I want? And they frequently don’t. Traffic makes me late for an appointment. My favorite TV show is preempted by politics. The agent I want sends a polite yet form letter rejection. I don’t get the editing or ghostwriting contract I sought. For others, it may be they don’t get the job or promotion they wanted.

It’s all too tempting to dwell on those disappointments, on the hurt and the loss. When we do, we open the door to the devil’s tricks. We step on to that spiral staircase that leads to the basement of our souls—the place filled with the dark shadows of broken dreams and crushed hopes.

But there is another way. One that’s hard—even impossible—to do on our own. That is to accept the situation. Decide not to dwell on it. In layman’s terms, we say, “Get over it and move on.”

I still struggle with this on an almost daily basis. But I’ve learned there is a way to shut the door leading to the spiral staircase of despondency. It’s to remember that God is sovereign over my life. In him, we have everything we need.

When things don’t go my way, whether large or small, my challenge is keep my eyes fixed on God and on Trustknowing he loves me and has a plan for me. No matter what is going on around me, he is there, stretching his hand toward me.

In these moments I thank him for being in my life and I pray to view my circumstances from his perspective. And, even when I don’t understand what’s happening, I settle into the comfort of his love and wisdom.

“Be humble in the presence of God’s might power, and he will honor you when the time comes.” 1 Peter 5:6 (CEV)

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