Touching Others

Sometimes, it seems, we go through life wondering what it’s all about, feeling like we’re unknown little cogs that nobody notices. We go through life, day after day, our routines and habits seeming to define us. We see others in passing as they tangentially touch our lives. The barista at Starbucks is no more a person than the guy driving the eighteen-wheeler whooshing by us on the highway.

But there are times where people do touch our lives, occasionally only in small ways, like the sales associate in Lowe’s today who helped us find three way light bulbs and made us smile when he discovered the two bulbs that sold for the same price as one bulb actually gave the same number of hours of light. We chuckled as he reflected on eight-grade math. A man who enjoyed his work, enjoyed people, and could find humor in the mundane.

My wife is a registered nurse in an emergency room who touches lives every day. It may not seem important but when she provides skilled care and communicates clearly with the doctors, routine stuff in her work world, people get better and lives are saved.

When I worked in the HR department of a large ministry, helping to facilitate hiring, I was invisible to the people who the ministry served and blessed every day but I still touched those people through my input in the screening and hiring process.

We never know who we’ll touch in our daily lives. And we’ll never know who will touch us and bless us in ways we never expected.

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