What Is Marriage?

My son was married this weekend.

wedding-bands-on-a-marriage-license_1638609Yep, the one we nicknamed the Cardiac Kid because of his fearlessness as a child got hitched.

Watching the ceremony reminded me of how important marriage is to God. And not just as a means to provide stability and security in a world that’s hard to understand.

I realized anew how marriage represents his relationship with us—a joining together on a journey, of committing to place my wife above myself, of exercising unconditional love for her.

I haven’t quite come close to this last part. But I’ve tasted enough from her to know a taste of his unconditional love for us. I’ve seen her sacrifice for me, for our children, for our home. She’s supported my dreams, nursed me through medical crises, nurtured our children, and accepted my foibles.

She’s forgiven my selfishness and the hurts I’ve caused.

She’s comforted and counseled, encouraged and challenged me not to give up on my dreams.

The Bible says of marriage let no man tear apart what God has brought together. He wants our marriages to be as close as his relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

heart framing sunset-mediumHe wants unity of body, soul, and spirit in our marriages. I know we’ll never taste it fully in this life. But we can savor enough of it to keep striving and to keep looking forward to what eternity will be like.

Jesus gave his life for his bride.

I came from the ceremony of my son’s wedding seeing with fresh eyes the beauty of God’s plan for marriage and family. As God has continued continues to minister to me, I see the sacrifice God calls husbands and wives to be ready to make. And I’m ready to give my life for my wife.

And my prayer is my son and his wife receive this revelation. I pray it’s planted deep in their hearts and strengthens them to step boldly and courageously into sharing this unconditional love, to give up their lives for each other.

And I pray this for all who read these words.


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