A Novel That Cranks Up the Excitement

This week I want to invite you into the exciting world of Firewall, DiAnn Mills’ latest romantic suspense novel.

Taryn Young is super-computer geek, writing programs to strengthen the US economy. As she is about to leave on her Firewall Coverhoneymoon after a whirlwind courtship of three months, a bomb destroys the airport terminal, and her husband a few hours is missing.

When she is targeted as a suspect in the bombing, she must put all her skill into proving her innocence as the evidence mounts that the man she married deceived her. She must convince FBI Agent Grayson Hall to trust her.

Grayson’s focus is to find those responsible for the terrorist act. As the case unfolds, suspicions grow that there is a mole in the FBI who is letting the bad guys know every step of the investigation, including Taryn’s whereabouts and her efforts to assist.

Those closest to Taryn are murdered or die under mysterious circumstances. Taryn’s three-year-old godchild, Zoey, is kidnapped. Taryn redoubles her efforts to find who is behind the plot and to save Zoey.

With more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, Ms. Mills takes the reader on an exciting adventure of suspense and danger. Surprises come one after the other, keeping readers on their toes as new details are revealed and people are not who we thought they were. Along the way, Mills weaves in a believable romantic subplot between Taryn and Grayson, full of tension and tentative yearning.

Taryn is strong, capable, determined, yet vulnerable as she copes with physical pain from her injuries and the emotional loss of the man she thought loved her, coupled with her fears for the safety of her beloved Zoey. She is driven to save the child, prove her own innocence, and thwart the plots of those who would destroy her country.

Grayson struggles with his growing attraction to Taryn while trying to find the culprits. How he deals with learning the identity of the traitor within the FBI is subtly done, showing him dealing with his anger at the betrayal, protecting Taryn, and finding those responsible.

The villains are drawn very well. Their humanity and their motivations are clear. Even the rogue FBI agent is believable. Why they do what they do makes sense. Excellent writing here.

DiAnn MillsThe details of FBI procedures ring true. They show Mills did extensive research and is a skilled storyteller, capable of weaving this background seamlessly into her story. Not once did I feel lectured to and pulled out of the story by unnecessary detail.

The final twist is surprising but makes perfect sense. This is something I look for in stories. Ms. Mills does an excellent job of planting the seeds for the ultimate revelation without telling you they’re seeds.

This book will keep you awake, turning pages to see what happens next.

Definitely, five gold stars.

An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher for purposes of an open and honest review.

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