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A Review of The Weeping Chamber

19 Jan 2005 --- Row of Old Books --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

 In his memorable novel, The Weeping Chamber, Sigmund Brouwer takes one of the minor characters of the Bible and builds a story that captures the essence of Christ and vividly portrays the last days of the Savior’s life.

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Book Reviews: Deadly Harvest and Treasure Box

Following are reviews of two books I’ve recently enjoyed reading. Deadly Harvest by Marissa Shrock This excellently crafted mystery novel introduces us to amateur detective, Georgia Rae Winston. Georgia isn’t thrown into detecting by whim or chance or a notion of being a busy body or butinsky. She is thrown …

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A Review of The Honest Spy

This is a WWII historical novel based on a real person. Fritz Kolbe is a secretary to the number two man in the Nazi Foreign Office. He has access to top secret documents. He is disillusioned with Hitler and determines he must be stopped. He reaches out to British intelligence …

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Review of Children of the Fleet

This novel by Orson Scott Card is Book 1 of new series set in the universe of Ender’s Game. Dabeet Ochoa is a precocious twelve-year-old with a mysterious past and a brilliant mind whose goal is to get into space. Specifically through the Fleet School, which has replaced Enders’ Battle …

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A Review of Rush

Rush is the newest historical novel from Jayme Mansfield. She weaves romance, determination, betrayal and suspense into a story that captures the reader’s heart while giving chills and intrigue. Mary Louisa Roberts is a young woman left alone by her will-of-the-wisp husband, Aaron who leaves to find fortune for himself …

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A Review of True Grit

True Grit is the story of Mattie Ross, a young teenager seeking her father’s killer. Mattie is a gem of a character. Portis brings her to life on the page. She’s full of spunk, wise beyond her years, with a sardonic view of the world and the men in it. …

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The Restorer – A Journey into Adventure

The Restorer by Sharon Hinck is excellent speculative fiction from a Christian perspective. This story begins with an intriguing hook. An every-day housewife is magically transported to a strange new world where she is expected to lead an oppressed people to victory while others try to kill her. And she …

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Journey to Munich: A 5 Star Must Read

Journey to Munich is Jacqueline Winspear’s latest Maisie Dobbs novel. In this thrilling addition to the series, it’s 1938 and Maisie takes an undercover assignment to help in the rescue of a valuable businessman and inventor held in one of Hitler’s concentration camps. Nazi suspicions lurk at every turn. Her …

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