Conflict & Suspense

Conflict & Suspense

Ramp up the tension and keep your readers hooked

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About the Book

Expert thriller author and writing instructor James Scott Bell shows you how to craft scenes, create characters, and develop storylines that harness conflict and suspense to carry your story from the first word to the last.

Learn from examples of successful novels and movies as you transform your work from ho-hum to high-tension. How to:

  • Pack the beginning, middle, and end of your book with the right amount of conflict
  • Tap into the suspenseful power of each character’s inner conflict
  • Build conflict into your story’s point of view
  • Balance subplots, flashbacks, and backstory to keep your novel moving forward
  • Maximize the tension in dialogue
  • Amp up the suspense when you revise

Conflict & Suspense offers proven techniques to help you craft fiction your readers won’t be able to put down.

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