Getting Through the Rough Spots

Have you ever wondered about the path your life seems to be following? Why is it so rough at times, filled Street after snowwith problems and pain? Doubts and fears assail us like fierce winter storms.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is my path is uniquely my own, planned just for me. There are moments when it feels extremely lonely, especially in those rough times. And in those times where a colleague or a friend or relative seems to be joyously skipping along in happiness.

But through a lot of trials such as the death of our first-born, I’ve learned that loneliness is an emotion. And aloneness is a state of my spirit that opens the door for the devil to plant seeds of anger and doubt, to MP900285116[1]drive a wedge between God and me.

And I’ve learned aloneness is false. I am never alone. God is always beside me and in front of me. I may not feel his presence but it is never more than a prayer away. If there is distance between him and me, it’s because I have stepped away to steep myself in my loneliness, my fear and doubt. And, like tea steeped too long, bitterness flavors my life.

Then I know it’s time to have my own Henry Tea Party. Dump the dregs into the harbor of God’s love. Make the time to be alone with him and appreciate the uniqueness of our relationship.

A preacher once jokingly described himself as God’s favorite child. Beneath the humor is a mighty kernel of truth. Each of us is God’s favorite child. Because his relationship with us is uniquely our own. It’s not like my wife’s or my pastor’s or my best friend’s. Comparing myself to others only opens the door to more doubt.

MP900227568When I make the time to be in his presence, he shows me his love, he unveils what he’s trying to teach me, and he strengthens me to go through the rough spots.

What rough spots has God helped you through?

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