How’s Your Hearing?

Have you ever faced a dilemma, a decision, about which direction to go and longed to hear from God on it? Sometimes it is as basic as which physical road to take on journey. We’ve all experienced or heard stories of someone taking a different route to work without knowing why only to discover later they avoided a major accident.


We all desire to hear God’s voice in our lives. Sometimes it’s called his still small voice; sometimes it’s peace as the umpire in our hearts. It might come in our prayer time. And sometimes it comes from outside us. It might be a scripture verse. Or a message from the platform pierces our hearts with the insight we need. It could be a word from our pastor or a counselor or a good friend.

Whatever means God uses, Isaiah 30:21 (NLT) assures me my “own ears will hear him.”


My responsibility is to position myself to recognize his voice and the different ways he uses to communicate with me. This means time with him and his Word. It means preparing my spirit and my mind. It means heeding the urges of the Holy Spirit with whom I fellowship. This year, I started journaling and building a list of topical scriptures to sharpen my hearing. It’s been an amazing journey as I enter further into his presence and our relationship has deepened.

What are some of things you do to fine-tune your God hearing?

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