Journey to Munich: A 5 Star Must Read

Journey to MunichJourney to Munich is Jacqueline Winspear’s latest Maisie Dobbs novel. In this thrilling addition to the series, it’s 1938 and Maisie takes an undercover assignment to help in the rescue of a valuable businessman and inventor held in one of Hitler’s concentration camps.

Nazi suspicions lurk at every turn. Her encounters with those resisting Hitler place her in imminent danger. And paralyzing memories of her late husband and stillborn child surface when she encounters the young woman whose lifestyle contributed to the death of the man Maisie loved.

Maisie weaves a precarious line to complete her assignment, a line that forces her to rely on the young woman she has never trusted.

It is fascinating to be with Maisie on this adventure as she must deal with her past, confront a present overshadowed by threats to her own life and the war looming over Europe. Finally, she must make decisions about her future, should she survive.

As always, Winspear captures her setting and brings it to life through Maisie’s eyes, putting us in every scene. Munich comes alive as we walk its street with our heroine. The dangers and brutality of Nazism Winspearthrob in every encounter. Winspear’s ability to put us in the world of her story never ceases to amaze me.

The characters add richness and flavor to the whole journey. And we’re right with Maisie as she must decide whom she can trust. Her life and the lives of others depend on her making the right decision.

Maisie is still growing and changing as a person and that plus the intricate plot keeps the reader engaged throughout.





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