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We’re all familiar with proverbs either in the Bible or in the secular world. The other day I was reading in the book of Proverbs, wasn’t really thinking about blog posts or writing. I was reading for my own edification and study.

Even without looking for a special insight, some of the Proverbs spoke to me as a writer. Keep in mind I’m paraphrasing and some of them may seem like a stretch. I think you’ll find they still speak to writers. These are not in any particularly order.

He who learns the craft shall produce stories worth reading.

When James Scott Bell first explored writing, he was told you couldn’t be taught how to write. It’s a gift or natural ability. He proved the so-called experts wrong. His proving it inspired others, including me. We can learn how to write. In fact, we better learn how to write if we want to taste success. And we better never stop learning. Never assume we’ll know it all. Never assume the skills won’t slip. Never assume bad habits won’t develop. And like all habits, they start small and grow slowly over time. We don’t realize it. Unless we keep learning. I’ve been working on a book proposal and asked a writing buddy to check it over for me. It was the first time she’d ever seen my writing. And discovered some sloppy habits I’d developed with participles dangling and misplaced modifiers. Which leads to another proverb:

A writer seeks counsel and critique and feedback, for in these is strength and wisdom.

My story looked so much better when I implemented my friend’s suggestions. And I looked better too. Like someone who actually knows what I’m doing.

Related to this is the final proverb I’ll touch on in this post:

A writer who walks in humility is wise and will grow in skill and talent and ministry.

Do you see the theme here? Never stop learning. But I can’t learn if I’m not humble enough to know I never reach the point where I don’t need further instruction or insight from others.

Look for opportunities to keep learning. Check out conferences, workshops, online courses, writing groups, blogs, books, and articles on the craft.

How about you? What writing proverbs do you have to guide your journey?

New Feature

Henry’s Book of the Week

The Progeny is a contemporary thriller by Tosca Lee. Audra is a young woman seeking anonymity under a new identity. This new life is shattered when a stranger tells her she’s not who she thinks is. She holds secrets in her mind that could be used to destroy others like her.

What follows is a journey through Europe, thrust among people she’s never sure she can trust. She is ensnared in an ancient conspiracy that is still very much alive and deadly.

The intrigue and the chase as Audra searches for answers carry us through quickly turning pages to a breath-taking climax.  Throughout the story Audra’s bravery and vulnerability pull us deeper into her as she seeks answers that will save her and others.


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