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The Query

  This week, my good writing buddy, Diane Bohannan, joins us to share her insights into writing an awesome query letter. Diane lives in North Texas with her husband and three kids. She focuses on YA fantasy and science fiction. She is the most enthusiastic encourager I have ever met. Enjoy! …

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Thoughts on Writers Conferences

I’ve been preparing for the ACFW conference. As it draws closer, both my anticipation and anxiety levels are increasing. My pitch packets are ready. Am I? My appointment requests are in. But whom will I actually be meeting with? My razor is charging. Need to present a professional appearance. My …

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The End?

You’ve typed “The End” on your manuscript and you’ve sent it off, with great hopes and some trepidation, to prospective agents and publishers.  And now you wait for their response. But, what do you do while you wait? A chocolate binge? Housework? Chores and fix-it-ups around the house—stuff that gets …

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Do Authors Need Agents?

I’ve seen several posts in blogland recently on this topic. Last week, Rachelle Gardner posted Literary Agents: Not Quite Dinosaurs. I thought I’d throw my two cents into the discussion.     Most of the discussion seems to stem from the increase in self-publishing or the belief that authors can …

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Conference Afterglow

ACFW’s 2012 conference landed in Dallas this past weekend. Attendees had a whirlwind three-plus days of classes, appointments, fellowship, and renewing old friendships and making new ones. Here are some of my observations. Writer’s conferences can be strange and unpredictable beasts, filled with moments of disappointment, followed by serendipitous highs. …

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Why Writers Conference

The weekend of September 17 and 18, I attended the North Texas Christian Writers Conference in Keller, Texas. This conference is unique because of its lack of agents and editors. There is no pressure to pitch, compete, impress or any number of other ways to embarrass oneself. It is a …

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