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Why Conferences?

Happy People

This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching two classes at the Roanoke Texas Writers Conference. I tasted once again the enthusiasm of writers eager to learn, to share their own experiences and to help each other. I was reminded once again of the communities we writers form—communities as …

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The Habit of Professionalism, Part 2

Some more thoughts on the writing habit of professionalism. A professional writer seeks input and feedback from others. Continuing with our sports analogy, the professional athlete works with coaches and personal trainers to improve their skills. Pitchers will work with a pitching coaching or guru for weeks to develop a …

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What’s Next?

The conference is over—the ACFW Conference for 2014. And there is some sadness in this. Saying goodbye to old friends and new. Leaving an intense atmosphere focused on learning and meetings and taking steps to advance our careers. There’s an aspect of stepping out of a cocoon. After several days …

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Thoughts on Writers Conferences

I’ve been preparing for the ACFW conference. As it draws closer, both my anticipation and anxiety levels are increasing. My pitch packets are ready. Am I? My appointment requests are in. But whom will I actually be meeting with? My razor is charging. Need to present a professional appearance. My …

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Conference

I’m heading out to a writers conference this weekend. As I started to prepare, the first thing I did was make a list. I am a terrific list person. Just love checking things off the TO DO list. Here’s a hint for number one on a list: Make a list. …

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What Teaching Means to Me

I was recently asked: What is your goal when you teach at a conference? I usually have several goals when I teach. One is not to confuse anyone or, as the Hippocratic oath, in essence, states: First do no harm. My primary goal is to teach the craft of writing …

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Since I first figured out what that round object with the raised seams was, February has been an exciting time of year for me. Spring training. Even in the midst of New England snows and chilling cold, people were starting to play baseball in faraway, mysterious lands called Florida and …

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Paying It Forward

Recently, I taught at a writer’s conference for the first time. What a privilege.   Somehow, I think being on the conference faculty conveys that I have authority and knowledge. Not if you could have seen me on the inside. Quivering mush is probably the best description. I’ve spoken in …

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Why Writers Conference

The weekend of September 17 and 18, I attended the North Texas Christian Writers Conference in Keller, Texas. This conference is unique because of its lack of agents and editors. There is no pressure to pitch, compete, impress or any number of other ways to embarrass oneself. It is a …

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