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Journey to Riverbend

Meet My Characters: Martha, Martha

Today, we’ll meet Martha Matthews, the pastor’s wife in Journey to Riverbend. The snarky, sarcastic pastor’s wife. As her husband, Luke, said, “She makes pastoring interesting.” Martha loves Jesus. But…she is sometimes challenged in walking out this love with others, especially with her mouth. She tells me it stems from …

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Hopping Right Along

My critique partner, Amelia Grimstad, writing at Keep Walking, tagged me in this Writing Process blog hop. Amelia’s determination to answer the call to write, no matter what, inspires me to keep going. What am I working on? At present, I am transitioning between projects. I’ve finished the second book …

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The Moral Dilemma

I’m often asked what makes a story great. We all have different definitions of greatness in fiction. But if you peel back the layers of the definitions, I think you’ll find emotion at the core. Something in the story grabs our heart and keeps us reading. Even in thrillers and …

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