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5 Tips for NANOWRIMO

We’re a week into NANO for this year. How’s it going for you? Are you hitting the target of 1,667 words per day? Or are you feeling so far behind you’re ready to quit? Please don’t. NANO has value. Maybe not for every writer, but for many of us it’s …

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Writing Can Be a Blast

November—National Write a Novel in a Month (NANOWRIMO) is almost here. Time to churn out words with a goal of 50,000 by November 30. I’ve done it several times but never reached the target. I came close in 2014. Around 40,000 words. I learned a tool that helped me immensely. …

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I Survived NaNoWriMo

Well, NaNoWriMo is over. And I’m still here, still putting fingers on the keyboard. And what did I learn? For one thing, it’s not a way of writing that is comfortable for me. I edit as I write, usually before I begin writing creatively for the day. This approach doesn’t fit …

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