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Cliffhangers Part 2

Cliffhanger 1

For the first article in this series, click here. Cliffhangers do not have to be picked up in the next scene or chapter. Cutting to another POV character’s storyline can add tension and suspense. Especially if the author keeps both characters in tense situations. In my pending publication fantasy series, …

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Cliffhangers Part 1

Cliffhanger 4

What is a cliffhanger? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, it’s an ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense. It comes from the 1930s when film serials were very popular. To keep people coming back episodes ended with characters in desperate situations, including literally …

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Why Did You Kill that Character?

The writer’s life does not take place in a vacuum. Especially if your work is published. Suddenly, there is a community of readers who have questions about the story and why did certain things happen. Why Did You Kill Old Thomas A frequent question I’ve received is why, in Journey …

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