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A World Flipped Upside Down

The First Principle A Novel Marissa Shock Vivica Wilkins is sixteen years old, and a bit of a rebel. She has hacked her school’s computer network so her fellow students can exchange messages without the school knowing. For the right price, she can get into the grading system and change …

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Misery Loves Company

Jules Belleno is a reclusive young widow who communicates with the world through her blog, primarily crafting book reviews. Occasionally, she walks to a grocery store. On one of these excursions, she disappears, kidnapped by her favorite author, Patrick Reagan. Apparently, Patrick hasn’t been pleased with recent reviews of his …

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She Looks Just Like Me – A Book Review

 The Likeness is the second book in Tana French’s series set in the Dublin Murder Squad. The story has a fascinating premise. The protagonist, Detective Cassie Maddox is summoned to a crime scene. The victim is Cassie’s almost exact look alike and carries an ID identifying her as Alexandra Madison. …

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