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It’s that time of year when it seems everyone is sharing what they’re thankful for. And well we should. Too often, we focus on what needs to be fixed. On jobs that aren’t rewarding. On relationships that aren’t fulfilling. On dreams that haven’t come true. And don’t seem likely to.

Taking the time to reflect on our blessings shifts our focus to what has actually been good over the last year. It can be something as simple as I still have a job. Or the car didn’t need any major repairs.

For myself, I am most thankful that I am still alive. Last April, we weren’t so sure. A serious heart condition brought me near death. But God came through. He had us in the right place with the right doctors. And I’m still here. With many years ahead of me.

We were blessed with two new grandchildren this year. Our son adopted his wife’s daughter from a previous relationship. And he and his wife had a son in October.

My wife of 49 years is still with me and still going strong. And there were people who didn’t think we’d last five years.

Our church has opened doors for us to serve in our calling in stewardship ministry. We get to help groups and individuals discover financial freedom and responsibility the way God intends.

I’m also thankful for my writing career. While it hasn’t entirely gone, as I would like, blessings abound.

First in relationships. My three writing partners are among my closest friends. We not only share in encouraging each other as writers, but we pray for and support each other in every area of life. Tina, Amelia, and Diane are awesome partners and friends on the writing journey.

Second in learning. Not in only in how to write, but through researching my stories, I have learned history, police and medical procedures, weapons both new and ancient. I’ve also learned about the psychology and make up of people as I try to make my characters as true to life as possible.

Third is the number of mentors who have spoken into my life and my writing. Writers such as DiAnn Mills, Steven James, James Scott Bell, Brandilyn Collins, and Rene Gutteridge have all in someway helped me to grow as a writer and a person.

There are also people like Steve Laube who has taken the time at conferences to visit and encourage. And fellow writers I have met over the years who have become part of my life.

Blessings are all around me. This is the time of year to stop and ponder the wonder of it all. And to thank God for guiding me on this journey he has called me to.


2 Responses to Thankfulness

  1. Janice C. Johnson November 30, 2017 at 4:35 pm #

    Well, I’m thankful for your talent, your persistence, and the way you share your knowledge.

  2. Henry November 30, 2017 at 6:57 pm #

    Thank you, Janice. You’re very kind.

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