When Life Is a Struggle

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There are times when this journey called life is a struggle. And not just the pits and valleys. In a sense, life is a long journey upward, upward to heaven.

There are times when taking that next step can seem like the hardest thing ever.
Even if it’s only getting out of bed in the morning. We don’t want to face the day. But, if we’re children of God, we have to. We have to answer God’s call and take that next step no matter how high or hard we have to stretch to make it.

When I had my heart problems, I wondered if this was the end of my life on earth. During those three times my heart stopped completely; it felt like the bright white light people talk about was about to turn on. But it didn’t. Instead, there was that still small voice I’ve come to recognize as him. “You’re not done yet,” he said. That huge cliff didn’t seem impossible. He was with me, holding my hand, telling me he and I had more adventures to experience together.

He showed me where I had come on my Christian walk, and I was already in a high place. I wasn’t at the top of the mountain yet, but he was preparing me to go higher. He showed me how to rejoice in how far I’d come and to relax in his counsel as he walked with me the rest of the way.

He gave me these two Scriptures as anchors:

Habakkuk 3:19 (NLT)

The Sovereign Lord is my strength!
He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
able to tread upon the heights.

Psalm 73:23-24 (NLT)
Yet I still belong to you;
You hold my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny.

How has God helped you in your struggles?


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