When God Feels Far Away

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Ever have those moments when God feels far away? I mean really far away. Like on the other side of Mars. When this happens to me, it’s usually because I’m under a great deal of stress and pressure. For some, it could be a health issue or relationship problems. For others, it might be a layoff because of downsizing. A crisis could arise from a totally unexpected source.

Sometimes it can be a relatively minor problem except it’s the twenty-seventh minor problem and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Our brains and our bodies feel like they can’t handle one more problem, no matter how small. They either want to shut down or explode. Neither is a good alternative.

And we cry out in our spirits, “Why God? Why?” Or we cry out, “Where are you, God?” When I say these words aloud, I know I’m on the verge of snapping. My patience and coping skills are at the end.

Then I feel his tap on my shoulder. Sometimes it happens in my prayer time. Sometimes, another person, usually my wife, comes alongside me. I love how he uses people to touch us with his love and compassion.

I can sense him in my spirit. He gives me a nudge and a wink and says, “I got this if you walk with me and not on your own.”

The words of Nahum 1:7 (NLT) speak this so clearly. “The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him.”

This verse speaks so clearly. When trouble comes, get close to him. Even if it means stopping right where we are so we can turn to him. He’s waiting for us.

He is my refuge and he wants to be close to me. My trust in him is what makes it happen.

What do you do when God feels far away?


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