Book Review: Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

This is a classic Harry Bosch story and then some.

Harry is working to solve a double murder, handling cold cases for a small town police department, and dealing with empty nesting as his daughter has left for college.

To further roil the waters, he has been accused of planting evidence in a thirty-year-old case which could result in a murderer being released from death row and Harry’s own reputation being destroyed.

To solve the double murders, Harry goes undercover and out of touch. His lawyer, Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller, is Harry’s half-brother. Mickey has to prepare without Harry.

In addition to all this, Harry’s chivalry rises up as he tries to help a drug-addicted, homeless woman get her life back.

It’s easy to say Mr. Connelly has done it again and give the impression this is a typical Harry Bosch novel. Which would do this story a major disservice.

The plot is intricate and complex. The ending is satisfying with brilliant twists. We’re reunited with some characters from previous books and get deeper insights into them and the characters in this book as well.

What draws me to the Bosch series is that the character doesn’t stay static. The series began twenty-five years ago and Harry has aged twenty-five years. He is retired now, albeit a forced retirement. His relationships change over the years like all relationships do. Harry is still justice’s knight in shining armor with a strong moral code and sense of right and wrong.

Harry Bosch is one of the most intriguing and interesting characters in detective fiction. And this book is well worth the read. I highly recommend this story to all who are interested in mystery novels and also to those who enjoy great writing.

Disclaimer: this is an unsolicited review freely given.


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