Continue the Journey

Life is a journey. Our Christian walk is a journey. But it’s not a straight line path from earth to heaven. God’s plan for our lives can have many stops and turns. The popular term among some Christians is “seasons in our lives.”

I am certain He has a path for each of us. Look at Jeremiah 29:11 and Habbakuk 2:2-4. Each step or season in the path prepares us in some way for the next one. For me, volunteering to work in a ministry was a time to learn how to be a servant after a career in the upper executive levels of government service, a time to learn how to be under authority after being in authority for so long.

Looking back on my ministry and work experience shows me that He has prepared me for my next season as a writer. He planted the seed, the desire. He gave me opportunities to write. He guides me to mentors and partners who encourage, instruct, and challenge me to be all I can be in order to fulfill His call and to be a writer who brings glory and honor to Him.

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