The Dream to Write

I read on a writers email loop that one of the members was giving up writing because she felt unable to create or produce anything that anyone else would want to read or publish. It’s sad to see someone give up on their dream.

If our Father has called us to write, has planted that desire in our hearts, that knowing that we know that we know we are supposed to write, that is what we must do. We must be obedient and faithful. We must trust Him to equip us to do what He has called us to do.

When I started writing seriously in 2004, I knew it was Him because I couldn’t not write.

He called me to write. He didn’t call me to get published. That’s His job to open those doors and make those divine appointments.

My job is to be obedient. I may be the only one to read my words. He may use my writing to change me. But in changing me, He changes, for the better, my ability to minister to others.

I no longer question why He called me to write or why it took so long to get published or why he did it the way He did it. I write.

If you’re discouraged and ready to quit, wait. Take some time and talk with our Father about it. Pray about nothing else for three days. Open yourself to hear from Him. And then do what He tells you.

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