Stop Saying Yes

question marks man in circleAre you like me? Do you find your life filled with commitments and promises to other people or organizations? Do you find yourself wondering where did the day go? Do you find yourself asking why did I only accomplished a few things on my goal list for today?

Sometimes this happens because we get distracted by other things. Just let me read one more page in this book I can’t put down. An hour later we’re still reading it.

Sometimes we’ve simply said YES to too many things. Some of them are fun things. Some are obligations we willingly agree to.

Whatever the reason, they take time and energy away from what we need to do to meet our own goals.

For example, I’m a writer. I commit to writing every day. Some want to be professional athletes. To achieve the glamor they seek, they must practice and work on their skills everyday.

Some want to be the best parent they can be. This means time and effort with their children and with their spouse.

All of these require we say No at one time or another. If we want to be the best we can be at what our strongest desire is, other things have to go.

We can’t take on activities that—as fun as they are—take away from what we’re striving for.

In a way, it comes down to managing our time. And our energy. Our resources as people.

Yes, we do need to make time for fun, and chores, and other obligations. But we need to manage when we do them.Yes and No keyboard

I’ve learned over that last few months that it is not healthy for me to be at every meeting of every writers group I coach or mentor.

My writing must be top priority.

If some one wants to meet and consult, “pick my brain” so to speak, I schedule that time when it doesn’t conflict with my writing schedule or family time.

If I don’t control my time, someone else will.

I need to treasure this resource and protect it.

Otherwise, I won’t be any good to anyone.

What do you do when it feels like there’s not enough time to pursue your goals, to follow your dreams?

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