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Rejection Does Not Define Who We Are


“Rejection does not define who we are unless we let it.” (Rene Gutteridge) Rene Gutteridge is one of the major influencers in my writing life. From a critique at one of my first writers’ conferences to her teaching at conferences to her own novels and her blogs and articles on …

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Testing Our Character

Test 2

Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character. Psalm 105:19 (NLT) In the Old Testament, God tested Joseph. A lot. Mistreated by his brothers. Sold into slavery. Falsely accused of rape. Thrown into prison. Forgotten by those he helped. Did you ever wonder why Joseph had …

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Be Encouraged


One of my close critique partners challenged me a little while ago to write a blog to encourage writers. At the time, I needed someone to encourage me to keep writing. I didn’t see how I could encourage others when I was ready to quit. But here I am still …

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A Perspective on the Shooting in Texas

  I’ve been thinking…Not always a good thing where my mind is concerned, but it is what it is. This past Sunday, there was a horrific shooting at a small church in a rural area nears San Antonio. In Texas terms, that’s not far from where I live in North …

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Making Time Versus Finding Time

Okay. So you’ve made the decision you are a writer, or a golfer, a concert violinist, a lawyer. Whatever your heart’s desire is. And you’re ready to take the next step: making time to become the best you can be. And you stop, stumped, scratching your head. “How do I do …

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The Best Writing Advice

Someone recently asked me, “What’s the best writing advice I ever received? “Get up earlier.” This came from my mentor, DiAnn Mills when I whined about not having enough time to write while also working a full time job. So I did. I began a daily routine of beginning my day …

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How to Know You’re Really a Writer

I am excited to share this blog by Jerry B. Jenkins Do you ever wonder whether you’re really worthy to call yourself a writer? You have a deep desire to impact people with your words. But doubt creeps in and you ask yourself: “What makes me a writer? I’ve never …

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When Writers Slump

We all get those times when our get up and go got up and went, leaving us behind. It’s an effort to get up in the morning and to start on our daily activities, like going to work, doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning. Whatever tasks call us. Those times when …

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What Should I Write Today?

Many days, I have several projects calling for my attention. My novel simmers, waiting for me to stir the pot. My blog hovers, the due date pecking like a bird. A class needs to be prepared, notes and ideas for slides sprouting like dandelions. Short stories whisper their songs in …

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The Critique Group Part 2

Okay. You’ve made the plunge and decided to join a critique group. What should you expect? One is respect for each of us as a person and as a group. Be on time at the beginning and at the end. Respect each other as people and as colleagues striving to be …

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