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Failure or Success – Our Choice


I experienced two what might be called failures recently. In the space of three days. On Saturday, I received a rejection from an agent. On Monday, a publisher declined to consider my manuscript. It was the same book in both instances. To me they were failures. Something about my writing …

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Laying It Over

  My writing buddy, Janet Cole, joins me today to talk about failure and God’s love. Janet lives in rural Texas with her beautiful and spunky twelve-year-old daughter, Jadyn, and her husband, Jay, an amazing man God used to teach her to how to laugh and love again. She’s a …

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Failing My Way to Success

Another rejection. The email glares at me. The words of the magazine editor are a thousand pinpricks. “Doesn’t meet the theme of our issue.” This came right after an agent responded to a query with “not interested.” Which came after several no responses at all from other agents and a publisher …

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