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The Writer’s Funk

Sometimes all of us, writers included, get in a state of being that’s been called many things. Some call it a funk. Others call it the valley of dry bones. Or the valley of the shadow of death. Recently, one blogger called the dark night of the soul. In baseball, …

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What’s Holding You Back?

Is something holding you back from pursuing your dreams? My dream is to be the best writer I can be. Yet there are days when that seems so far away, I want to give up. I’ve learned that when this happens, the major factor behind it is fear. Fear I …

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Always in a Hurry?

Do you ever feel like you’re always in a hurry? I do. Lots of times it seems I’m always running behind and I find myself wishing my days had six or eight or ten more hours so I could accomplish everything on my to do list. If it’s on my …

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Don’t Get Trapped

Pillar 6 of the Writing Life As writers, there are certain traps, misconceptions and attitudes we can fall into. If we stay in these traps too long, our writing careers will be derailed, sometimes before the first stretch of track is laid. Trap #1: Everything I write is publishable No, it’s …

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