What’s Holding You Back?

Is something holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

My dream is to be the best writer I can be. Yet there are days when that seems so far away, I want to give up.

I’ve learned that when this happens, the major factor behind it is fear.

Fear I won’t succeed. Fear others will laugh at me. Fear I’ll never be good enough.

And fear of admitting I was a failure.

Sometimes it feels like maybe it’s better not to try then to try and remove all doubt that I’m a failure.

There are two ways to deal with this fear factor. One is to give in to it. The other is overcome it.

Right now I wish I could you a magical amulet that would drive the fear away. But I’ve learned there isn’t any magic to it.

Overcoming the fears and doubts about our dreams depends on the following.

  1. Is this dream right for me? Is pursuing this dream what I am supposed to be doing? This is the time I step outside myself and pray for wisdom and guidance. Am I doing what God has called me to do? This dream to write came into my life many years ago and I knew going after it was not from me alone. I’m basically lazy and chasing this dream requires work, hard work and a lot of it. So I knew it came from God. It’s part of his plan for me. When doubts and fears arise is the time I get in touch with him. I may take a day or two and pray and seek his direction. And the answer has always been the same—a desire to write.
  2. Next, I make an honest assessment of what I’m doing. I make a list of all the things that are in the way of achieving my dream. For me, fear of rejection is at the top of the list. This includes rejection by agents, publishers and readers.
  3. I follow this with a list of what do I need to do to overcome the fear. I’ll ask myself and my critique partners to identify the weakest areas of my writing. I’ll attack that area by studying the craft, reading books and blogs in that area, listening to webinars and online classes. I’ll seek feedback from writers I trust.

I work to defeat the fear. I know if I give into it even a little, I’m done and the dream is gone.

What are some things you’ve learned and practiced to overcome fear in seeking your dreams?


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