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The Blessings of Being a Writer

Yes, Virginia, there are blessings to being a writer. And it goes beyond multi-book deals, beyond making the bestseller list, beyond movie deals. Few writers attain these lofty heights. But all writers can experience the blessings of being a writer: Learning And not just learning a new skill such as the …

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Join Me on the Journey

I am excited to announce the launch of my redesigned website. My goal is to offer quality information to readers, writers, and those who want to be writers. The desire to write has been in my heart since I first learned to read. It began to produce fruit in 2002, …

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Seven Traits of Remarkable Writers

7 Traits of Remarkable Writers   Over the course of my writing time, over ten years now, I’ve met many writers, read many books, and studied authors. And I studied more than how they applied the craft to their stories. I studied how they applied themselves to their writing.   …

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