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When God Changes Our Plans

Patience 3

Several years ago, I had a plan, and I was living it out. I planned to work my second career for a Christian ministry until I retired and then enjoy a life of leisure. I was also writing as a side gig. Even I knew better than to quit my …

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5 Steps to Success

Have you noticed how many lists there are out there? Seven steps to achieve this. Six steps to achieve that. Ten easy steps to achieve happiness. Or weight loss. Or the spouse of our dreams. All seem geared to making us successful. I enjoy lists. They can be fun and …

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One Bold Step

Two years ago, on September 10, I stepped into my God-given dream of writing full time. The Lord opened the door and gave my wife and I the confirmation that my time on a regular job was over. At the time, I was working for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. God laid …

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