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Failure or Success – Our Choice


I experienced two what might be called failures recently. In the space of three days. On Saturday, I received a rejection from an agent. On Monday, a publisher declined to consider my manuscript. It was the same book in both instances. To me they were failures. Something about my writing …

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5 Steps to Success

Have you noticed how many lists there are out there? Seven steps to achieve this. Six steps to achieve that. Ten easy steps to achieve happiness. Or weight loss. Or the spouse of our dreams. All seem geared to making us successful. I enjoy lists. They can be fun and …

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What Makes for a Successful Writer?

I was sitting and chatting with a group of writers the other day and one asked, “What makes for a successful writer?” People started to bubble up with definitions and dropping names on both sides of the question. I raised my hand. “How do you define success?”?The silence was like …

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What Are You Doing With You?

Writers can appear to have split personalities at times. Fiction writers can be especially notorious in this area because our characters live in our heads. But that’s for another blog. In the community of Christian writers, we form writers groups, select critique partners, participate in workshops and conferences, and brainstorm …

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