What Inspires My Writing?

This is an interesting question from one of my readers. One with several layers to it.

One is to tell the stories that grab my mind and just won’t let go until I tu


rn the idea into words on a screen or page. Sometimes it’s an image. Or it may be an opening line or a line of dialogue. Or it’s a “what if” question. Or it’s a character.

Another inspiration is to explore a topic such as grief or restoration or reconciliation. For me, the only way to do this exploration is through the lives of my characters as they face these challenges, these emotions that can rip us apart. Through their eyes and hearts, I can dig beneath the surface and confront the realities of these ideas and concepts.

I’m one of those people who can’t not write. I enjoy the challenge and the exploring of new characters and plots and story worlds. When I try to give up writing, it’s like a piece of me is unsettled and disturbed. Peace come when I sit at my computer and tap the keys, hoping to craft stories that entertain and help people find meaning. This comes from what I believe is a calling from God to write, to create stories that touch people.

And my writing community inspires me to write. When I’m in the throes of discouragement, they are the ones who tell me to get over it and start writing again. They challenge me to explore new areas such as short stories, and new genres, like fantasy and science fiction. They even think I can write crime novels and murder mysteries. They don’t let me get full of myself with either ego or self-doubt. God brought this community into my life to sustain me on the path he chose for me.

What inspires you to do what you do?




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