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What Inspires Me?

Melissa Finnehgan's Sunset

Like many writers, I’m frequently asked what inspires me to write. Often, this goes far beyond the specific book they’ve been reading. Some authors might respond, “I need to earn a living.” Although few writers actually support themselves with their writing. So what inspires them to get up every day …

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What Inspires My Writing?

This is an interesting question from one of my readers. One with several layers to it. One is to tell the stories that grab my mind and just won’t let go until I tu   rn the idea into words on a screen or page. Sometimes it’s an image. Or …

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That Book’s a Keeper

Juliet Marillier planted the idea for this post in her recent post, Books as Treasure on Writer Unboxed What makes a book a keeper? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are readers. My eyes linger on the titles jamming my bookcase, many upright, some leaning, …

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Inspiration, Part Two

Last week, I wrote on what inspires me to write. There is another aspect to my writing life that inspires me to keep at it. That is the opportunity to teach, coach and mentor other writers. God has opened this door gradually over the last few years. First was the …

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Hopping Right Along

My critique partner, Amelia Grimstad, writing at Keep Walking, tagged me in this Writing Process blog hop. Amelia’s determination to answer the call to write, no matter what, inspires me to keep going. What am I working on? At present, I am transitioning between projects. I’ve finished the second book …

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