Why Do We Have Money? 


God wants to bless us. We all know this. He gives us resources such as money, time, and talent to manage for His glory.

Several Scriptures speak of storing up lasting treasures in heaven. How do we do that? We can’t send a cash deposit to our heavenly account. We do it through how we steward His gifts here in this life.

How do we use our money, our time, our talents to serve others?

When we get the revelation that God owns everything, we can see how He wants us to use our money: tithes and offerings to support our church and to help others.

In our service in stewardship ministry, my wife and I see how this is frequently the toughest area for many people. Money is tangible. We see it come in and we see it go out. For far too many people, more goes out than comes in. We see it purchase food for our table, clothes for our family, housing and transportation. Many say they can’t afford to give ten percent to God. Experience has shown us we can’t afford not to. The tithe is part of the solid rock Jesus refers to.

Think of our finances as a house. The four walls are housing, food, clothes, and transportation. The foundation is the tithe. Being faithful stewards in this area provides the roof of God’s blessing. Without the foundation, everything else is shaky and subject to the winds of the world that blow against us.

Once these walls are taken care of, we can move to being a blessing to others.
Offerings are one way to do this. But there are others.

God has blessed each of with gifts and talents to be used to serve His people. How are we using them? To provide for our needs is important. But are we neglecting or avoiding using these same gifts to help others? Our Church has an outreach called Men’s Brigade. Regularly, a group of men go to the homes of single mothers and widows and make repairs the families either can’t afford or don’t have the skill/talent to do themselves.

Which brings me to the final gift God gives us—time. How do we use it? People say, “I can’t find the time.” We will never find the time. We have to make the time. We have to purposely and aggressively identify how we’re going to use our time. Do we set aside time to be with Him? Do we make time to attend Church? Do we make time to serve in our Church or some other organization that is ministering to the needs of others?

How would you answer these questions for yourself?


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