Why Do I Write

This is a question I’m sure every aspiring and even successful writer has asked. What makes me sit with paper and pen or sit at a computer and put words down?

It can be a lonely, frustrating occupation; an occupation without reward; an occupation where you put yourself out there for people to criticize, kind of like a major league umpire.

I’d like to say I write because I want to. In many ways this is true. But it would be more accurate to say I write because I have to. I cannot not write. I’ve tried. It gets very uncomfortable for me. My day is not complete unless I sit and write.

This was such a day. A Sunday, a day to relax. But here I am, writing a blog. Earlier I critiqued other writers. This writing thing is an addiction.

Why? Because I believe I’m called to write. Our Father has put this desire in me to tell stories and to help others as they help me. Steel on steel, sharpening and honing.

To not write would be to disobey this call.


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