Inspiration, Part Two week, I wrote on what inspires me to write. There is another aspect to my writing life that inspires me to keep at it.

That is the opportunity to teach, coach and mentor other writers. God has opened this door gradually over the last few years.

First was the learning stage. The humbling experience of admitting I didn’t know everything—actually it was admitting I didn’t know squat about writing.

As a result of being willing to learn, people poured into my life. They shared their knowledge of writing, their experience in the business side, their encouragement to keep going. And I did.

Before I realized what was happening, I found other writers approaching me for help with the craft.Business Discussion This informal role grew into being a writing group leader, teaching at conferences and workshops, coaching other leaders and writers. And continuing to work with individual writers as a mentor, coach, teacher, editor.

And this wasn’t me. I couldn’t have done any of it on my own. This was God using me to help others just as others helped me.

This aspect of writing is as enjoyable as the actual creative writing. I receive as much inspiration as I give when I work with another writer. Just ask anyone who has ever sat in a brainstorming session with me.

I am only a conduit for God to touch other writers, to help them tell the stories he has given them.

Pile of BooksHe also uses it to keep me humble. My biggest concern is “Don’t screw them up.” As I work with others, I learn more of what I don’t know. So I keep learning through webinars, workshops, conferences, and craft books to further develop my skills so I can help others develop theirs.

Have you had the opportunity to help others in your field? How have you handled it?





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