Inspiration, Part I

One question readers frequently ask is what inspires me to write. And this goes far beyond the book they’ve been reading.

What makes me sit at a laptop for hours on end, staring at a screen? Sometimes it’s blank and sometimes it contains a few random letters scattered here and there.

What makes me poise over the keyboard, fingers ready to strike?

What makes me live this “abnormal” life of a writer? Remember, abnormal is in the eye of the beholder.

The simple, yet somewhat vague, answer is that I’m called to write. Another way to put it is: I can’t not write. I’ve tried it. A couple of times. Thought of just walking away from this computer and getting a job delivering pizzas or at Wal-Mart. The longest I went away from writing was a day. are stories in me that clamor to get out. Stories of restoration and redemption and reconciliation. Fictional stories that contain real truth about who we are, what we strive for, how we struggle to get there.

These themes, these ideas—whatever you want to call them—are what inspire me to keep writing. And the Lord has led me to explore these concepts through fiction rather than non-fiction.

My goal is for my characters and the experiences go through to provide hope to the reader. My characters are flawed, just like real people. My characters face challenges and obstacles that are as as the ones we face every day. Yet they find a way through them.

Many of my characters are still flawed at the end of the book. But along the way they’ve experienced redemption, their lives have been restored, they’ve reconciled past hurts. Not entirely but they are on their way. Which is why the line Continue the Journey is so important to me.

I am inspired to write by God to offer encouragement to my readers, to show hope even in the most dire situations, hopefully to help the reader see the way ahead.

MP900227568What inspires you to do your job every day?

2 Responses to Inspiration, Part I

  1. Tina Boone February 6, 2015 at 2:26 am #

    Great post, Henry. I’d have to say ditto. For me, encouragement, truth and hope are a big part of why I write. Also, reaching people in a positive way. One of the most inspiring women I ever met was my old boss. She challenged me (and everyone on staff) to make a difference. When I’m writing, she’s always in my head and I’m reminded that what I put on the page—in my blog, freelance writing and fiction—can have an impact.

  2. Henry February 6, 2015 at 3:38 pm #

    You’re so right, Tina.

    Years ago, I was working in the audio dept at my church. Our leader reminded us to always produce the best product we could because we never knew who that message would touch and change. This thought has been part of me ever since.

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